5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Sports Shoes

Footwear is an essential part of the daily needs required to live a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, we have various types of footwear in the market, from sandals to slippers and sliders to shoes; you have a whole lot to choose from. And one of those footwear categories is shoes, which have been further categorized into sports, casual, sneakers, boots, and walking. All these different types of shoes suit different occasions, like sneakers goes well on almost every type of occasions like party, casual, office, or shopping. Similarly, walking shoes are best for your college days and morning and evening walks. However, sports shoes, among all the different types, serve various situations and people from various professional backgrounds where they serve the purpose with a unique style.

Sports shoes are a style statement that makes you look active and enhances your personality. However, it is not just the most trending fashion statement; it also works according to its name and serves sports needs. A pair of sports shoes provide the flexibility and mobility an athlete or a sportsperson need. Thus, sports shoes have more varieties and are further categorized based on their construction and comfort. Thus, a pair of good sports shoes is not just a trending fashion statement but also a necessity for people involved in sports.

Why Are Right Fit Sports Shoes Important?

As an athlete or a person involved in any outdoor sports, you are always prone to ankle twists, sprain, strain, or any other accidental situations. When you wear good sports shoes in your daily life, you prevent your body from the sudden force impacted by the ground. Moreover, it helps your feet get the right amount of flexibility along with the comfort it needs. Apart from increasing your running efficiency and comfort, the right-fit sports shoes prevent your feet from injuries like Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and knee and hip pain.

Tips To Choose The Right Sports Shoes

When you buy a pair of sports shoes, there are various points you consider, like why you are buying the pair, which sports you will play while wearing the shoes, and what is your body weight and shape of your feet. So, here in this blog, you will find five major points you must consider when buying sports shoes to get the best find.

Right Fit With Best Style

A good fit varies from person to person. It is true in the case of finding shoes as well because your right fit will depend on your feet’s structure, the purpose behind purchasing the shoe, and your walking style. So, when you buy shoes in-store, try the shoes and walk as you walk in daily life to find the perfect fit. And, when you buy the shoes online, do not forget to read the reviews online as it explains if the shoes you are looking for have the exact size as shown in the size chart. 

Tip: Always remember, when you buy a shoe for running or sports, a tight fit is good for control. However, when you buy a shoe for walking, a loose fit is better as it prevents injury while walking.

Apart from the right fit, the right style is also important because a shoe, no matter how comfortable it is, you are not going to wear it if it doesn’t suit your style. So, even though the style is not something that decides the efficiency of the shoe in giving you support, it impacts your performance as you cannot perform the best if you are not confident enough.

Cushioning & Support

A shoe’s cushion protects your feet from the sudden force or impact between your feet and the floor. In addition, it absorbs your body weight and protects your joints from any damage. However, there are various types of cushioned sports shoes on the market, light, moderate, and no cushioned shoes. So, to find the best-cushioned shoes, read the product description of the sports shoe and the type of floor for which the cushion is made.

Along with the cushioning, the other support the shoes provides is also important. Check on the material of the shoes and sole and if it has the appropriate cushioning that you want. You also need to check if the shoes support your body weight and if it is good enough for the time when you’ll perform sports or exercises. The best is to read the product description of the shoes and ask the salesperson about the features of the shoes.

Heel Drop

What is the difference between your toe and heel after standing in the shoe is the heel drop. The shoes’ cushion decides this millimeter difference; a low heel drop means the heel and toe are more aligned, while a high heel drop means your heel drop is lower than the toe. The heel drop is important to decide which shoe to consider reliable, especially for athletes, because a higher drop is necessary for running shoes. Thus, keep a heel drop of a minimum of 10 millimeters so that your heel hits first when striking the ground.

Outsole & Flexibility

An outsole determines your shoes are fit to walk on what type of floor. So, it is important to check the compatibility of the outsole, so you can choose sports shoes based on where you want to use them, on track or on terrain.

Also, do not forget to check the flexibility of the shoes. The shoes’ flexibility is important for your feet to get the right flexes, and you can comfortably complete your exercise. So, next time you go running or exercise, pay attention to your foot flexes and then find the sports shoe that supports your flexes.

Your Walk Or Gait

The way you walk plays a very important role in deciding on your shoes. For example, if your walking style is overpronated, i.e., rolls too far inward, go for the shoes that stabilize your foot. Moreover, buy shoes with better cushioning if you have an underpronated walk, i.e., rolls too far outward. If you find a store that has gait analysis, do the same before coming to your walking style conclusion.

Find The Best Sports Shoes

Finding the sports shoes perfect for your feet and style may feel like a tiring job. But, the steps mentioned above can make your task easy and help you get the best-fit sports shoes in your shoe closet. A little struggle in selecting the shoes will benefit your feet for a longer duration until you are wearing the shoes. If you want to know more about different varieties of footwear, visit our website, 88 Shop.

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