Tired of cleaning the dirty carpets of your home, car, or office? Need professional assistance but find it expensive? If you are also facing such issues and need expert assistance to turn your filthy place into a beautiful one, then you can follow some effective tips and tricks for cleaning carpets on your own. Frequent vacuuming, cleaning spots, removing dust, and deep cleaning can make you enjoy the warmness on your feet and transform your place again into a tidy one. 

Carpet provides excellent mobility, absorbs noise, and it helps protect a place effectively. And contrary to common belief, carpet that is cleaned on a regular basis is safe for persons with allergies and even asthma. A routine care plan is the most excellent strategy for consistently cleaning carpets. This blog highlights some top tips that can help you clean your carpets and give a fresh look to your place.

Top Eight Tips & Tricks For Cleaning Carpets 

  • Vacuum Regularly

  • Just like your home needs cleaning every day, similarly, carpets also require cleaning. Just think your home looks beautiful and fresh after cleaning, and suddenly you see one carpet lying in your living area, which dulls the vibrant look of your home. How would you feel? Obviously, nobody likes to keep dirty things in their home. Therefore, it gets essential to regularly vacuum the carpet to remove oil and dirt that makes the carpet look dull. In addition, vacuum the carpet in one direction wall-to-wall to protect the fibers from getting damaged. 

  • Always Dab The Stain

  • Whenever a stain or spill occurs, we immediately take a piece of cloth or cotton and start rubbing the surface without knowing that it will not remove the stain and instead spread it. Therefore, we should resist doing such things which make the stain look even worse. Instead, gently dab the stain with a clean solution, cloth, sponge, or cotton. Dabbing puts pressure on the stain soaks up the stain, and slowly removes it. Dab carefully from outside in for a few minutes to take out the moisture from the carpet. 

  • Cleaning With Water Doesn’t Always Help 

  • Everyone believes deep cleaning removes all stains from the carpet, but that doesn’t always mean cleaning it with water. There are some carpets that do not require deep cleaning or water to remove stains or dirt. Read the instructions and figure out if it needs cleaning with water. If the carpet is not washable, opt for dry or spot cleaning. Though deep cleaning with water is easy and convenient for everyone, it impacts the quality of the carpets and destroys the fibers. 

  • Use Iron To Remove Wax Stains

  • Removing wax stains from carpets is the most challenging task for every homeowner. There are some stubborn wax stains that increase the difficulty level, and it gets hard to get rid of them. We all love to keep candles at home but do not like when they melt and make the surface dirty and sticky. Removing wax stains from the carpet seems impossible without pulling out any fibers from the carpets. But wax stains can be easily removed with just a simple heating trick. Yes, heating the wax again with the help of iron removes the wax stains. Put a clean cloth over the carpet and place a warm iron on it to soften the wax. Once the wax gets softened, use a blunt knife to remove the unwanted wax stain. 

  • Use Baking Soda With White Vinegar

  • Vinegar and baking soda are best friends when it comes to removing stains from the carpet. This trick is helpful when the high-traffic areas where the carpet looks worn out need proper cleaning and maintenance. First, pour baking soda on a clean cloth and dab the stain. The stain gets slightly lighter; if it doesn’t get lighter, mix vinegar and water and spray it on the affected area. Wait for a few minutes; once the mixture is absorbed, clean it with a dry sponge. You will notice that the entire stain is gone, and the carpet looks beautiful and clean again. 

  • Hydrogen Peroxide DIY

  • There are a few stains that are as hard as blood, and it gets impossible to remove them. But with this trick, everyone can easily remove the most challenging stain. In this DIY, you can add Hydrogen Peroxide, white vinegar, essential oils, dish soap, and fabric softener in a bucket of warm water and rinse off the stain easily. This is the most effective technique for deep cleaning any stubborn stain from carpets. Then, lock and load the DIY in your washer, and you are ready to go. 

  • Fluff With Ice Cubes

  • Putting ice cubes on the carpet can also help in removing stains that arise from the impressions left on carpets by furniture. There are times when we do not remove furniture from its original place, and it leaves an impression on the carpet. Though the impression is not difficult to remove, it spoils the overall look of the carpet and the area. Place an ice cube on the defective area and leave it until it melts. Next, dab the excess water from the carpet and iron the area until it gets completely dry. Once the carpet dries, fluff the area by hand. 

  • Take Professional Help

  • If you have kids playing at home, a pet, and older adults who make the carpet dirty frequently, then it is advisable to take professional help. Kids usually play on the floor and spill things out of their hands, which makes the carpets dirty. Dirt is not good for their health as they can easily put any material in their mouth, which can cause severe problems. Similarly, pets need regular cleaning because they shed their hair, and with professional help, it gets easy to get things done quickly. Leaving it too late before cleaning the carpet can damage the fibers and make it impossible to remove difficult stains. 


    Carpets give that luxurious look to your home or office. Adding carpets at any place enhances the look of that place. Unfortunately, not every carpet can be cleaned at home; a few require expert cleaning. Follow the tips mentioned above and tricks for cleaning carpets so they can be easily cleaned. Otherwise, the best approach to maintain your carpeting looking new and fresh is to hire professional carpet cleaners that have the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment. Carpets come in so many colors, styles, sizes, and materials that not every trick here will be appropriate. Be sure to carefully read your carpets' demands before purchasing them and cleaning them accordingly.